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Among the current crop of late-night talk-show hosts, James Corden is arguably the least fit, and among A-list actors, Mark Wahlberg is certainly among the fittest. Still, that didn’t stop the two from working out together… at 4 AM.


After seeing Wahlberg’s ridiculous daily schedule, beginning with a 2:30 AM wake-up call and a 4 AM workout, Corden decided to adopt his schedule for the day and headed to the actor’s Beverly Hills mansion for a taste of the early, early morning workout club.

James Corden joins Mark Wahlberg for 4 AM workout

Somehow, Corden soldiered through a good portion the workout, but ultimately bailed at the point Wahlberg said they had only completed the warmup to the real thing.


The impetus for Corden’s visit was Wahlberg’s Instagram post in which he laid out his daily schedule that religiously adheres to Ben Franklin’s famous adage regarding waking up early and getting to bed early.

2:30 AM wake up
2:45 AM prayer time
3:15 AM breakfast
3:40-5:15 AM workout
5:30 AM post-workout meal
6 AM shower
7:30 AM golf
8 AM snack
9:30 AM cryo chamber recovery
10:30 AM snack
11 AM family time/meetings/work calls
1 PM lunch
2 PM meetings/work calls
3 PM pick up kids from school
3:30 PM snack
4 PM workout No. 2
5 PM shower
5:30 PM dinner/family time
7:30 PM bedtime

While Wahlberg gets an average of seven hours of sleep in, it’s when he gets them that raised eyebrows; from 7:30 PM to 2:30 AM.

Although Wahlberg likes to start his workout by 4 AM, he is flexible enough to make exceptions when something isn’t feeling right…

… otherwise the iron is being pumped long before the sun has risen…

… even on Sundays!