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As part of NBC’s new midseason shows in 2016, Little Big Shots host Steve Harvey showcased extraordinary young people. One such child was then 8-year-old Kazakhstani boxer Evnika Saadvakass who climbed in the ring with Harvey where she dazzled him with her mind-boggling punching speed.


Evnika managed to tag the heavy bag 203 times in 30 seconds, for an average of 6.77 punches thrown per second.


A year later, Evnika appeared on the Australian version of the same show and similarly impressed the Aussie host with her mind-boggling quickness. In just 30 seconds she racked up 298 punches on the mitts, for an average just under 10 per second!


''I like boxing because when I throw a side hook and I hit hard, I like the sound it makes.''

— Evnika Saadvakass, on her love of boxing

Evnika prodigious pugilistic skills are no accident. She’s been training alongside six siblings since the age of three under her father Rustram’s watchful gaze. The Kazakh family — currently residing in Voronezh, Russia — trains five days a week including sessions in the woods outside their home.