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As Steph Curry is to jump shots in basketball, Florian “Venom” Kohler is the jump shot in pool, as the billiards trick-shot artist repeatedly demonstrated in front of Guinness World Record adjudicator…


While the phrase “jump shot” generally conjures up the classic method for lofting the basketball skyward, it also is employed in the realm of pool trick shots, and none have mastered the move as completely as Kohler.

Guinness World Records in Sports

In a single outing, Kohler set four new world records, including Most Pool Balls Potted Into the Middle Pocket Over an Obstacle in One Minute (75), Fastest Time to Jump Pot 15 Pool Balls (5.69 seconds), Fastest Time to Jump Pot 15 Pool Balls One Handed (12.16 seconds), and Highest Jump Post of a Billiard Ball (55.3 cm/21.77 in).


Earlier Kohler set another basketball-flavored world record with the Longest Time to Spin a Billiards Ball (27.28 seconds).