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Blacksmithing has been around nearly as long as recorded human history, but only recently the ancient art has made something of a comeback on social media with the popularity of Alec Steele’s YouTube channel. In October of last year, Steele was joined by an American visitor to make a one-of-a-kind ice-hockey implement…


Mike, a Minnesota Wild fan, travelled to Steele’s forge in Norfolk, England, intent on forging a Damascus-steel, hockey-stick blade as his bounty for having won a contest hosted by Steele.

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Tutored by Steele, Mike wasted no time in heating and hammering into shape what he hoped would become the business end of the ultimate hockey stick.


On day two, Mike got a lesson in using a man-sized grinder which gave the steel a gleaming shine.

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After grinding, the billet was cut into five pieces with a bandsaw, which were welded together, then melted down and re-shaped with a fierce power hammer.


With Mike’s stay in England coming to a close, Steele realized there wasn’t going to be enough time to properly forge a hockey-stick blade. So, on the final day, he suggested they fashion a puck instead, and Mike was game.

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The resulting puck, rounded into an almost perfect circle, and sporting the characteristic patterning of Damascus steel, made Mike a happy camper for his return trip across the pond.