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Neighborhood boxing in New York City’s boroughs dates back to the earliest days of the sport. Now, two boys from the hood are taking it to a different level with BX Fight Club. Aided by financial backing from rapper 50 Cent, underground boxing is blowing up in The Bronx.

The prizes awarded to the BX Fight Club champion have gone up in value as the promotion’s popularity has grown. The first season it was a Rolex watch, then it was a 14K gold cuban link chain, and for the third season there was both a Nissan Ultima and a Mercedes Benz S550.


Half-Irish fighter Pac Man got his moniker owing to his Filipino half and in deference to the Philippines’ most famous pugilist. He became BX Fight Club’s first real star after claiming the top prize in its second season.

Benji, an aspiring pro, called Pac Man out for the third season’s main event. Hewing closely to his father’s attack plan — gleaned from studying YouTube videos of the champ — Benji was able to pick apart Pac Man’s defense and claim victory.


In March, Yonkers-based Jimmy Drago debuted in BX Fight Club with a devastating knockout versus Odee. When Odee came to, he didn’t even know the fight had taken place and didn’t recognize himself when shown the video.

The rematch between Drago and Odee was an absolute slugfest, with both fighters coming close to getting knockouts. It went an extra round after the first three produced a draw, but still failed to produce a winner. Tune in to BX Fight Club’s YouTube channel for their next rematch…