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Chris Algieri won two world titles in kickboxing, but was seeing little to no monetary benefit, so he turned to boxing with its promise of much bigger paydays. He has since ascended rapidly through the ranks of the light welterweight division, and is now looking at the biggest prize yet in his November 22nd fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Algieri, who holds a master’s degree in nutrition from the New York Institute of Technology, is still residing in his parents’ basement on Long Island. It goes without saying that his living situation could change dramatically if he pulls off the upset versus the heavily-favored 8-time world champion.


Not surprisingly, Pacquiao’s camp is not impressed with Algieri’s backstory. Trainer Freddy Roach, in particular, has been biting in his pre-fight comments.

''His master's degree in nutrition isn't going to help him. This is fighting, okay. This is where it gets down and dirty.”
— Freddy Roach, on Chris Algieri