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Retired New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees led his team to a Super Bowl win in 2010 and was been named to the Pro Bowl a dozen times, but until last year he’d never had his trick-shot repertoire properly showcased…


Brees teamed with popular YouTubers Dude Perfect to execute a wide range of trick shots including a Double Pendulum Ring Shot, Drop Kick Trust Shot, Football Skeet Buster, Tower Laser Shot, Ty, Drew, And Cody Trust Shot, and Upper Decker. Last, but not least, No. 9 aced the Superdome Special when he threaded the football through a basketball hoop from the upper deck.

Sean Payton outplays Drew Brees in Dude Perfect's version of "Name That Tune"

Brees breezed through his trick shots, but struggled in the games portion of Dude Perfect’s visit. Playing “Name That Tune”, the former Purdue Boilermakers signal caller was completely flummoxed, while coach Sean Payton flashed uncanny intuition.


Brees may hold a number of NFL records, but Dude Perfect has a slew of football world records to their name, including Longest Blindfolded Catch (Stationary), Farthest Kick Into a Basketball Target and Most One-Handed Catches In One Minutes.