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The Warped Wall has been a staple of American Ninja Warrior obstacle courses from the show’s inception, where it has served as the iconic final challenge at City Qualifiers and a mid-course obstacle in later rounds.


In 2018, ANW introduced the big brother of the Warped Wall: 18-foot-high Mega Warped Wall. Positioned to the side of the traditionally-sized wall, competitors were given the option to try their luck on the taller wall to earn an instant $10 grand.

Ryan Stratis joins ANW's Mega Warped Wall of Fame

While the majority of ninjas eschewed the intimidating newcomer, six (Daniel Gil, Nick Hanson, Adam Rayl, Ryan Stratis, Chris Wilczewski and Najee Richardson) bested the beast and instantly were inducted into the Mega Warped Wall of Fame. This past season two ninjas went up the Mega wall for a second time, and four new ninjas joined them in the rarefied heights of obstacle-racing glory…


Ryan Stratis became the first ninja in history to scale the Mega Warped Wall twice with a fist-pumping run at the Atlanta City Qualifiers, conclusively proving that even advanced obstacle should fear the beard.


Daniel Gil, became the second ninja to best the beast twice, when he sped through the OKC Qualifiers course and up the giant wall without nary a moment’s hesitation.


Drew Drechsel lived up to his billing as the Real Life Ninja at the Atlanta City Qualifiers by not only summiting the wall, but also turning in the fastest time of the night.


Racing at the Sea/Tac Qualifiers, five-foot-seven Lance Pekus, the Cowboy Ninja, managed to conquer the Mega Warped Wall on his third try to the delight of commentators Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila.


Grant McCartney, known as the Island Ninja, eschewed his trademark light heartedness (at least, mostly) to scale the Mega Warped Wall on his second attempt at the Cincinnati City Qualifiers.


In his previous four appearances on ANW, Scott Wilson had never managed to read a course-completing buzzer, but at the Los Angeles City Qualifiers he finished in style after ascending the Mega Warped Wall.