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Dude Perfect has been engaging in All Sports Battles since their inaugural golf-themed fracas in the summer of 2015. While the first three battles had the quintet play golf using different sporting implements, the latest competition is built around bowling…


Dude Perfect’s All Sports Bowling Battle had each of the crew spin a wheel to determine the flavor of bowling they would be attempting in the first two rounds with the two highest scorers advancing to the final.

With perennial powerhouse Tyler Toney eliminated in the penultimate round by a reluctant polo pony, the final came down to Garrett Hilbert versus Coby Cotton as they took aim at an array of 120 bowling pins, with a baseball, football, soccer ball and basketball. Gilbert’s very first frame saw him take down a whopping 66 pins with the baseball, which proved to be more than enough for the win.


For a more traditional take on bowling, enjoy this bonus video of Dude Perfect’s collaboration with world No. 1 bowler, Jason Belmonte of Australia.