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For a generation of fans of The Office sitcom, John Krasinski with always be remembered for the role of Average Joe sales rep Jim Halpert, but more recent gigs have taken the actor in the direction of G.I. Joe — a transition Late Show host Stephen Colbert is still not ready to accept…


In the second segment from his Late Show appearance last year, Krasinski, who was starring as Jack Ryanin the first season of the Amazon thriller series by the same name, was challenged by Colbert to prove his action-hero cred.

John Krasinski fights with Stephen Colbert on the 'Late Show'

The confrontation devolved into a full-fledged fight wherein Krasinski not only got to show off his MMA chops and chiseled abs, but had the satisfaction of hurling Colbert off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater.


In college, Krasinski had planned to become a teacher, until he took a theater class and was bitten by the acting bug. A move to New York failed to produce much work, and after a couple years of waiting tables he was ready to give up on acting.

Krasinski’s mother urged him to give his dream a little more time, and three weeks later he landed a starring role in the long-running sitcom The Office.

After nine seasons on the hit show, Krasinski ventured into big screen roles including the 2016 film 13 Hours which had him playing a jacked CIA operative. He hit the gym to pack on 25-pounds of muscle for the role and has maintained his 8-pack abs ever since. Don’t be surprised if he follows KSI and Logan Paul into the boxing ring one of these days…