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Fight Song Played by Shaq for March Madness ad

Earlier in the week, we looked at March Madness ads produced by Capital One (starring Charles Barkley, Samuel Jackson and Spike Lee) and AT&T (starring Shaquille O’Neal, Julius Erving, Christian Laettner and Clyde Drexler). Now AT&T has released five additional ads in which O’Neal continues playing the clown to the bemusement of Dr. J, Laettner and Drexler.


O’Neal can’t sing or play guitar, so who better to improvise a fight song?

Don’t invite Drexler over if you want to maintain control of the TV remote.

Don’t talk about dunking with O’Neal if you have a glass-top coffee table.

O’Neal’s key to a filling out a perfect bracket is foolproof…

…and yet he still managed to screw it up somehow.