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If the NBA Finals were to be decided by which team’s star has the cutest kids, it just may be a toss-up — and a charming one at that. Both Stephen Curry’s daughter and LeBron James’ sons brought all kinds of cute to their fathers’ respective series-clinching celebrations in the NBA Playoffs.


Last night, the almost impossibly-cute Riley Curry perched on father Stephen’s arm after the Warriors ousted the Houston Rockets in Oracle Arena.

Past-her-bed-time Riley allowed Steph to share the spotlight during the post-game press conference. Her charming performances in front of the press corps are quickly becoming bigger attractions than the games themselves.


On Tuesday night, King James had his two young princes join him on the court after the Cavs finished off the Atlanta Hawks in four games.

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Bryce and Bronny bring a double dose of cuteness to the table, with chibi-esque cheeks and kawaii smiles.


While cuteness, like beauty, is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, there are some factors that seem to contribute across the board. Age and overall size are both generally inversely proportional with cuteness, while head and eye size are directly proportional.

Note how many of Riley, Bryce and Bronny’s features correspond favorably with those of a baby smurf.