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Golfers at all levels of competitive play will attest that the sport can be insanely frustrating at times. Even the most seasoned pro can lose his cool after missing a routine putt, but none can match the raging full-bodied fury of Peter, a toddler in his terrible twos.

When this wee golfer’s putt went awry, he went belly-down on the green before flopping about like a fish out of water. As ridiculous as his tantrum seems, some of the biggest names on the PGA tour have had over-blown reactions on the links, but without any of the cuteness.


Tiger Woods has struggled with his short fuse over his golf career and taken to task for his foul language on more than one occasion. But it’s Sergio Garcia that occupies two of the top ten positions in a countdown of golf’s most epic meltdowns.


There is a proper way to get over a botched putt, as demonstrated by the insouciant three year old above.