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The FIFA World Cup tournament hosts 32 countries with 11 players taking the field for each squad. Dude Perfect’s version of the same featured just two teams in six go karts, representing five countries…


Before Dude Perfect’s “Go Kart Soccer Battle”, each member of the famed trick-shot crew had their DNA tested by 23andMe to individually rep the predominant country of their origin.

Dude Perfect engages in Go Kart Soccer Battle

The blue team was comprised of Cody Jones (England), Garrett Hilbert (Germany) and Panda (China), while the red team included Tyler Toney (Iceland) and twins Coby and Cody Cotton (France).

The blue squad scored the first goal, then quickly fell behind to the red squad, before mounting an impressive comeback to tie the match. Alas, their heroics were for naught as Toney — with the seconds counting down — punched in the winner off a beautiful feed from one of the twins.


During the 2014 World Cup, Dude Perfect travelled to Brazil to take in some matches and highlight the amazing footwork of world-class football freestylers Sean Garnier, Daniel Cutting and Ricardinho.