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Ironically, to reach the world’s highest rock climbing wall one must first descend. Those lucky/foolhardy enough to give the lofty section of wall a try, reach it by climbing down from a hot air balloon basket.


In the video from the Denver Climbing Company, the climber unclips from his rope, then hangs from a single hand hold before suspending himself upside down by his feet. Viewers might suspect the daredevil has a death wish, but his seemingly reckless derring do is greatly ameliorated by the fact he is outfitted with a parachute.

Daniel Krug, Hank Caylor, and Max Fanning filmed their floating adventure 4,000 feet in the air over a sprawling suburban development in Colorado using GoPro HERO4 cameras.

Daniel Krug, Hank Caylor, and Max Fanning climb the world's highest climbing wall

While the experience may have been a new one for the three friends, we suspect it’s old hat for Wile E. Coyote (pictured above in the lower-right corner) in his perpetual pursuit of the Road Runner.