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This past weekend, Ninja Warrior UK concluded its third season with fifteen finalists taking on their upgraded Finals obstacle course. A surprisingly tricky Stage 1 eliminated a good portion of the field, including favorites Ed Scott and Cameron Walker-Shepherd.

Cain Clarke and Jonny Urszuly star on 'Ninja Warrior UK' obstacle course

Stage 2 felled all the remaining competitors, save two; Cain Clarke and Jonny Urszuly.


Clarke narrowly qualified for the Finals, but showed off his impressive grip strength and improved cardio in conquering Stage 1. He then surprised everyone by becoming first ever NWUK ninja to complete Stage 2, before succumbing to the first obstacle on Stage 3.

Watch for Clarke — a gifted gymnast, pole climber, and impromptu reggae singer — to return stronger than ever for Ninja Warrior UK Series 4.


Urszuly, a heavily-muscled gymnast from Hungary, replicated Clarke’s success on Stage 2, then made history himself by becoming the first NWUK contestant to complete a Stage 3 obstacle.

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While Urszuly wasn’t able to complete Stage 3, he too will be back next season for another crack at Mt. Midoriyama. In the meantime, you can find him in the gym changing tires…