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After Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler saw Luke Bryan’s Tampa, Florida concert, the two assembled their respective peeps for a hoops game at the Bill Koch-funded Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches. While it may sound like the premise for a far-fetched Saturday Night Live sketch, it actually went down last week.


While there has been controversy brewing regarding Butler’s relationship with teammate Derrick Rose, the Texas native’s country bonafides are unquestioned. Until he signed with the Jordan Brand, you could expect to see him in cowboy boots off the court, and while everyone else in the locker room may be chilling to hip hop on their Beats by Dre headphones, he opts for country.

Rodney Atkins himself.

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Aside from Butler’s basketball date with Bryan, he has chatted with Garth Brooks regarding finger callouses from guitar playing, and hung out with Rodney Atkins of “If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)” and “Watching You” fame.


Butler is unabashed about being a huge Taylor Swift fan, and he has regrettably felt the need, on more than one occasion, to “sing” her songs in public.

''I am a T-Swift fan. I'm going to see her in San Diego in August. I'm not going to say I'm gonna be in the back screaming, but I didn't say I wouldn't.''

— Jimmy Butler, on Taylor Swift

Several years ago, when Butler was an NBA rookie, Bulls teammate CJ Watson captured video of him singing Kid Rock’s “I Put Your Picture Away” at a karaoke bar in Memphis.