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Well-meaning millions make New Years resolutions, but only a tiny fraction follow through on their lofty aspirations. What if — with dedicated practice — you could go from a ping-pong chump to champ in just one calendar year?


Expert table tennis taught by Ben Larcombe

The original Expert in a Year Challenge was the brainchild of professional table tennis coach Ben Larcombe, in part, to prove the old adage “practice makes perfect.” With Sam Priestley as his student, the two embarked on an experiment in 2014 to see if a novice could become an expert in twelve months and break into the top 250 players in England.


While Priestley was unable to crack the top 250, he did get seriously good at table tennis. Larcombe sat down with his student at the end of the year to answer questions submitted by followers of the pair.

The two co-authored a book (available on Amazon) in which Priestley documents the ups and downs of his odyssey into sport. Larcombe’s blog invites readers to embark on their own Expert in a Year challenge, with a wannabe marathoner and a Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner heeding the call.