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Spending countless hours per day swimming laps in the pool can generate some pretty interesting dreams after a few years. Under Armour imagined what might transpire in Olympic legend Michael Phelps nighttime visions in a dramatic new commercial that is part of their “Rule Yourself” series.

Phelps is currently sporting a bushy beard that calls to mind Leonardo DiCaprio’s weatherworn character from The Revenant. If the 18-time Olympic gold medalist returns to form for his final Summer Games, there are going to be more than a few competitors in Rio left with the impression they’ve seen the movie before.


When Phelps and his fiancee, former Miss California USA Nicole Johnson, were shown the ad for the first time it brought the pair to tears. It’s a safe bet there will be plenty of waterworks to come as a little squirt is due to drop in several months. Michael and Nicole announced they’re expecting late last year.