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The original Rocky, released in 1976, featured a number of fights that were the most realistic film portrayals of boxing up to that time. But none of the scenes can compare to the realism achieved by Creed, the most-recent release in the ongoing movie franchise. As shared by Sylvester Stallone on Twitter, Creed star Michael B. Jordan got knocked out for real during filming.


Jordan trained for a year for his role in Creed as Adonis “Donnie” Johnson, an aspiring light heavyweight boxer. He worked out two to three times a day, rotating between boxing, weight lifting and cardio. In the process, Jordan added 24 pounds of muscle to his frame.

No stunt doubles were used for Jordan during the filming of Creed. His two primary opponents in the movie are played by real-life boxers Andre Ward and Tony Bellew.


Having grossed over $70 million in its first few weeks, Creed is on pace to easily surpass the previous two installments of the Rocky saga, Rocky Balboa ($87M) and Rocky V ($81M).