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At first glance, Americans may see rugby as a version of football sans helmet and pads and wonder why anyone in their right mind would play. But it is actually the lack of protective gear that makes players tackle less violently — at least most of the time.

Australian Georgia Page, who plays women’s rugby at Lindenwood University in Missouri, recently earned the moniker “Rugby War Goddess” after playing through a broken nose to deliver a second bone-jarring tackle.

''I remember falling down and thinking, 'Oh no, my nose is on the other side of my face.' I just got up and started playing again.''

— Georgia Page to BuzzFeed News

Page hopes the popularity of her video will translate into more girls giving her chosen sport a try, and lead to more coverage of women’s rugby in the media.


Ironically, Aussie rugby player Ben Ross was no where near the pitch when he recently suffered a broken arm. Instead the gruesome mishap occurred during an arm wrestling match with fellow rugby player Wendell Sailor on The Footy Show.

While arm wrestling is normally considered harmless fun, many in the pro ranks end up with fractures or ligament and muscle damage in their elbows and arms.

The moral of the story? If you truly want to keep your nose (and arm) out of trouble, stick with the virtual versions of the sports: Arm Wrestling by Nintendo and Rugby 15.