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What do you get when you play a game of volleyball in which each player wields an exercise ball for hitting? You get a brand-spanking new game tentatively referred to by the pun-inspired moniker balleyball.

Volleyball with exercise balls equals balleyball

The genesis of the sport is unclear, but it is thought to have spontaneously appeared in the Latvian hinterlands.


Balleyball isn’t the only volleyball variant out there — there’s also four-way giant volleyball.

In order to play, one needs a large open field, plenty of participants, four nets and, of course, one humongous ball. It also helps to have lots of time, as a single point can play out over several minutes — like the one featured above that fails to conclude by the end of the video.


Lastly, we present hands-free volleyball, otherwise known as footvolley, as played in Brazil. Head, chest and foot volleys rule supreme on the soft sands of Copacabana beach…