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There’s no clearer indication in pop culture that a sport has officially arrived than it being featured throughout a full-episode of The Simpsons. In a 2016 episode of the longest-running American sitcom, Bart and Lisa Simpson swung their lacrosse sticks and dropped insider lingo while playing at a lax tournament.

Lacrosse on The Simpsons: Lisa and Bart wake Homer for LAX tournament

What it will mean for the lacrosse in the long run remains to be seen, but more than 3 million fans of The Simpsons were exposed for the first time to the Canadian egg roll maneuver.


MLL All-Star Paul Rabil was inspired by the inclusion of lacrosse on the primetime TV’s longest-running animated series to create an All Simpsons Lacrosse Team. Despite its name, the team doesn’t include any Simpsons, but it is chock-full of lax greats.

At goalie, Rabil went with Jesse “Schwarty” Shwartzman. On defense, Dave “Petro” Pietramala, Nicky “Planco” Polanco and Tucker Durkin made the cut. Gary Gait, Jay Jalbert and Kyle “Harry” Harrison. Brodie Merrill was chosen at long stick middle. And last, but not least, Rabil selected Casey “CP22” Powell, Mark Millon and John Grant Jr as his attackers.