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Monday night, three five-member teams from the USA, Europe, and Japan competed on American Ninja Warrior Finals course in Las Vegas for bragging rights as the ultimate obstacle course racers. After a season of firsts on American Ninja Warrior, it was fitting the “USA vs. The World” conclusion saw a number of history-making runs.

Joe “The Weatherman” Moravsky put Team USA on the scoreboard first with the fastest ever run on Stage 1. Team Europe captain and parkour-legend Tim Shieff responded with a virtually-flawless run best filed under “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.”


Speedster Elet Hall continued his mastery of Stage 2 to again put the USA in the catbird seat, but world-class climber Sean McColl kept Europe’s hopes alive with an incredible first-time try at the obstacles.


Until both Japan and Europe had team members conquer the climber-friendly Stage 3, it had never been completed on American soil. That left Team USA’s Brian Arnold with the daunting task of defeating his old nemesis.


Arnold’s success on Stage 3 tied the USA with Europe, forcing a Stage 4 deciding run between former Hawkeye gymnast Travis Rosen and McColl. The forty-year-old Rosen went first and established a time that looked to lock up the come-from-behind victory for the USA.


Once again, McColl came to the rescue of Team Europe by ascending the more than 70-feet of rope to press the buzzer a fraction of a second faster than Rosen.

Team Europe wins Ninja Warrior after Sean McColl's epic rope climb